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Best Beach Towels 2019

What do we look for in our favourite go to beach towel? I love my Vanuatu beach towel and haven’t retired it yet but it is hard to resist a new season towel to revamp your style. What are the best beach towels 2019 has to offer?

Whether you are into surfing, paddle boarding, swimming or just plain relaxing on the beach or by the pool. We can all agree reaching for a new oversized beach towel to wrap yourself in feels fabulous. Why is Bambury’s Vanuatu my favourite, well it has everything I love. Made from soft plush Egyptian cotton and super sized  featuring classic stripes in great colours. After a day learning to paddle surf I definitely need to snuggle up in my favourite beach towel.

This season Bambury has some of the best beach towels 2019 has to offer!

I have to admit I have two favourites for different reasons.  Firstly the New Mili Egyptian Cotton Beach Towel by Bambury  measures a generous 95 X 175cm. I’m in love with the beautiful tropical palm frond design in a gorgeous shade of summer green and find my eyes  mesmerised by  the striking contrasting blue geometric pattern at either end. This would have to be my new beach fav. My second favourite would have to be the new Kirri Turkish beach towel by Bambury. Kirri in Navy would be my personal choice. Kirri reminds me of the greek Islands and a holiday  we had on Santorini. Given the opportunity to revisit the stunning Mediterranean Kirri will be the first thing i pop in my suit case. So gorgeous and versatile. Quick drying, compact and can double as a sarong. Perfect resort wear!

Bambury’s New Koa is a luxurious addition to the range. Featuring an interesting organic pattern of navy dots over white on one side which flips on the reverse. Complete with soft natural fringing as does Mili or the New Turi Beach towel. All sensational oversized towels measuring 95cm x 175cm. If you love your vivid Blue than Turi comes in a fabulous cornflower blue over white. Beautifully arranged shapes inspired by mandala patterns have made the New Turi beach towel a stand out beach towel in 2019.

When choosing your new beach towel its usually the first one which grabs your attention that you will  tend to revisit and ultimately make your favourite. It really does not matter whether you choose a towel from seasons gone by or a newly released beach towel. All our Bambury towels are beautiful high quality towels. Go with what grabs you!


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