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Choosing Bath Mats by Size

Choosing Bath Mats by Size

Yes I am biased but I can only give a review on the bathroom mats we sell. Having said that I am very happy with the quality and Bambury makes choosing bath mats by size a breeze. Keeping in mind bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Two things to consider when choosing bath mats by size are the space you intend to use it in and will it do what you need.

Here is a basic run down:

50cm x 50cm  Microplush Contour Toilet or Pedestal Mat – As the name suggests these very popular mats are suited equally well when used as a toilet or pedestal mat.

54cm x 54cm – Rubber Non Slip Shower Mats / PVC – Great as an in shower option when slippage is an issue. Helps prevent falls. Also suited to laundries.

38cm x 70cm – PVC  Non Slip Shower Mats – Good option used in shower or bath when slippage is an issue.  Helps prevent falls. Also suited to laundries.

42cm x 65cm Microplush Non Slip Shower Mats – Excellent for small single shower bathrooms, units, apartments or ensuite.

50cm x 80cm – Costa Bath Mat / Large Non Slip Shower Mats – Popular choice for medium sized bathrooms.

60cm x 100cm – Non Slip Giant Bath Mat – Great choice for larger bathrooms and double showers.

50cm x 140cm – Extra Long Bathroom Mats – This is my favourite for master bedroom sanctuary’s or large family bathrooms with freestanding baths. Another option where this extra long mat works exceptionally well is as a runner from ensuite to walk in robe. Stunning and so practical. Of course this depends on the layout of your master bedroom. If you have young children you will love these too!

This blog is focussed on size. You can learn more about our colour range and textiles by following the links.  I hope this helps you with choosing the bathroom mat which will work for you. Personally i love a pop of colour and Teal is my fav. Have fun and choose what makes you happy!


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