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Comfortable Bed Linen Basics

Comfortable Bed Linen Basics

Choosing the right Bedding such as Toppers, Protectors, Quilts, Sheets and pillowcases for a great night's sleep

Setting up your bed for the best night’s sleep is about what’s not always on show, such as protectors, toppers and quilts. Stripping your mattress clean and adding those layers which customise what gives you personally a comfortable night’s sleep. So you wake refreshed and ready for what the day brings you.

Take a moment to think about how good it feels when you climb into a freshly made bed. Do you prefer cotton, jersey, bamboo or linen sheets? Do you have a preference? Take the time to read about the benefits of different textiles used in your essential bedding as well as sheet sets. Next, consider and buy within your budget as you won’t sleep well if you blow your budget. There are excellent choices for everyone!

Mattress, Quilt & Pillow Protectors.

When we invest in the right mattress, we also need to buy a good mattress protector. Most customers can get by without a mattress topper, but to keep your bed fresh and as new, a good mattress protector is a necessity. We often overlook quilt protectors because we take it for granted that our quilt covers will suffice. Quilt covers are changed regularly, but once we find our favourite quilt, we hold onto it for as long as we can. To keep your quilt fresh and free from spills, stains and dust mites. Mite Guard quilt protectors are a good option. Although we change our pillows more often than our quilts, everyone has a favourite pillow. Some of us take ours on holiday with us! We have a variety of pillow protectors made from different textiles including micro-fibre, Cotton/bamboo and Sonar thermal balancing pillow protection with Outlast.

Mattress Toppers & Electric Blankets

Although not an essential part of basic bedding mattress toppers provide an added layer of cushioning whether you prefer a topper with thermal balancing properties or just looking to add a little life to a well-loved matress. 

Come winter we look to our heated blankets to keep us warm and cozy at night. Fully fitted electric blankets are a great choice as they stay in place. Other features to look for include detachable controllers and overheating safeguards.  Premium versions offer separate heating zones so you can add warmth where you need it most.

Quilts & Pillows

Firstly let your doona see daylight regularly allowing the suns rays to kill any germs and keep your doonas smelling fresh. Whether or not you choose to use a dust mite protection system bathing your quilt in the suns rays from time to time helps naturally eliminate any dust mites which may be hanging around. 

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to quilts or pillows whether made from natural or human-made textiles. Ultimately choose what gives you the best night sleep whether you prefer a pillow with a higher profile because you sleep on your side or a thermal balancing quilt because you tend to throw a leg out of bed to cool down. 

Sheets & Pillowcases 

Thread count is usually not what it seems when it comes to sheets. The belief that the higher the thread count, the higher the quality is not necessarily true. When it comes to sheets, trust your senses both visually and by touch. Thread counts can be highly inflated as some linen brands will count each fibre of a multi-ply thread as a separate fibre.  Quality sheets are available in a vast range to suit every budget in a superb range of textiles to match. Whether you prefer a blend, crisp cotton, French linen or cooling Bamboo

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