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Creating the Perfect Winter Ambience | Home Decor

Winter is upon us and your home decor should reflect that. Getting cozy is the theme of today’s blog. From warmer lighting, to trending colours, and textures, winter is the perfect time to revamp your space. While the winter blues do tend to happen, let’s eliminate that as much as possible by incorporating lovely colours, comfortable fabrics, and homewares to make you as happy as possible, in your home this winter.

Let’s give your space a winter makeover. Colours are coming back into the trend this season and are no longer black and white. Here’s what you should be revamping your space with this winter:

Trending colours for winter 2019

Warm up your winter whites

This winter, try your best to incorporate warm whites into your decorating. Incorporating warmer whites has an advantage to its predecessor, the cooler tones. Try bringing in flax linen curtains, an ivory rug, or even flax linen pillows, for a low-cost and simple way to redecorate your space.  Big bold textural cotton cushions in shades of ivory such as Timma, Oasis, Ilka and Jata make for beautiful choices. Repainting? Try a linen white as opposed to a crisp, vivid white. Those warmer tones will certainly make a difference in the overall feeling inside your home.

Bringing terracotta back

We’ve seen terracotta come and go over the past decades. This winter, it’s made its comeback. The warmer tones of terracotta will warm up your living rooms, inviting you in for winter coziness. Bambury’s delightful shades of  cayenne and clay are perfect for this reason. Try bringing in sculptures, vases, and other accessories in order to introduce your space to the colour. Coordinate your winter linens with the accessories to influence a warm and colourful living environment.

Millennial Pink is still ‘in’

The versatile colour of Millennial Pink may have hit the fashion and decor scene a few years back, but it hasn’t left. Reimagine your space with this soft and subtle pink. It also proves its value. This colour is also versatile all year round. Choose dusty shades of this pink. Millennial pink is rich with muted colours. You won’t find it pastel at all. Try pulling in velvety millennial pink throw pillows and blankets in your living and sleeping space. We have a great range in shades of rosewater, nudes and dusty or sandy pink. It’s guaranteed to offer you more comfort this winter season. 

Green is here to stay

For a more wintery space, you should incorporate forest green or muted olive. It also proves to be a more relaxing colour for your space. Try to bring seasonal, green house plants onto the scene for more comfort. It could be as simple as an olive tree, the signature fiddle-leaf fig, or strelitzia (bird of paradise). Are you not much of a green thumb? Bring in textured cushions or pillows in shades of green. Whether a velvet  pillowcase in Eucalyptus, an embroidered and tasseled  Seri or richly textured olive Timma. Green is a happy colour, and you will find yourself happier on the gloomiest of winter days.

In Living Coral

Since Pantone announced Living Coral as the colour of the year, we’ve been looking for ways to decorate with this pop of colour. You can splash it across a wall in your living or sleeping area, cushion your dining table chairs, and use throws and other accessories as an added dash with the colour. It’s perfectly suitable for winter too, as it creates a pop of colour to a more muted season. Don’t want to go all out with coral? Than try a softer muted shade like Woodrose. Get a winter houseplant with the colour and strategically place it in your living or dining areas as a small showpiece. It’s sure to bring brightness to the drab winter days.

Keep the grey

Sure, grey may sound drab to have in your home during the winter. But combining charcoal with a dove grey can actually create a tonal effect. Incorporate touches of timber brown and a pop of colour like coral. The grey will actually be more calming and comforting for those hectic winter days. Lilac like amethyst adds calming and relaxing feminine tones to the mix. Our favourites are irresistibly touchable, made from Mongolian lambswool, faux fur and plush velvet textiles. 

Bring in the drama of black or Bordeaux

Black brings in drama to your living environment, especially in the winter. Use black or Bordeaux to add depth and character to any room during the winter months. Touches of black, such as on a pillow or painting, won’t feel gloomy or gothic. Bordeaux adds a rich pop of colour you will find yourself drawn to. It will create that warm space for you.

Added coziness for your home during the winter

Warm up by the fireplace

Make your fireplace a statement during the wintertime. Use accent furniture as a perfect complement with firewood to make it a complete winter season. At the end of a long, winter’s day, warm up by the fire. You can’t get more winter than that!

Save money by being simple

Introduce your space by introducing faux fur all over your living space. They are a go-to if you are on a small budget, but want a cozy atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to add a faux fur pillow or throw blanket all over your home for extra coziness. Available in soft shades of Fawn, Pebble, Lilac and Ivory.

Texture for the bedroom

Time to bust our that warmer bed linen. Try cotton flannel or full flannelette for a great cozy night’s sleep. Bring in plush and velvety textures with a pop of that dark green. Top off your bedroom with a cashmere or faux fur throw.

Lighting for winter months

Since the daylight hours are cut short, you must have good lighting. Opt for warmer globes over cooler ones for your table or floor lamps. Lighting is key for the perfect ambience. Make the drama of lighting to be the added touch to your winter decor.

Materials for the living room

Try linen for your upholstery in pieces for the dining and living room. Linen or velvet is perfect for the cooler months as they are both softer and warmer. They will be highlight pieces for your areas as well as be inviting and cozy for your winter guests.

The added touch

For those cold evenings, host a party inside. Make your entertaining space cozy and rich by adding candlelight to the scene. It will create a relaxing environment for your guests – they will not forget the feeling of your space.

Whether you are craving colour or wanting to stay more muted, bring your space to the level of comfort your expect for winter. Incorporating these colours, textures, and ambiance will surely leave a lasting impression on your home.

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