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Pillowtop mattress toppers and underlays are actually the same thing and serve the same purpose. They provide a layer of luxurious padding which enhances your sleep by helping to relieve pressure points. They can come in two different ranges; microfiber and wool, and the fully fitted styles will work for any form of mattress; even the deepest of the mattress. To avoid regular washing and thus prolong the life of your topper or overlay, you will need to use a mattress protector on top of the mattress topper or overlay.

Name given to all pre-filled bed covers used as a top layer of a bed. Inclusive of this category are comforters, quilts and coverlets.

Thick and sometimes quilted, comforters are filled with layers of material including a synthetic fibre, down feathers, wool or silk. Generally dyed and not embroidered.

A lightweight non-reverseable bedspread that is either quilted or woven, often contain a thin layer of batting.

Designed as the top layer of a bed. Consists of a woven cloth top, batting and a woven back arranged and stitched together in a decorative pattern. They are generally pieced together from many pieces of cloth.

Generally they are all the same. A soft Flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool or a synthetic alternative. Generally protected in quilt cover protector and cover.

Collectively known as a Quilt Cover sets are the quit cover and pillowcase(s).refers to both the quilt cover and the pillowcase(s). A Single or King Single quilt cover set comes with one standard pillowcase, while a Double, Queen and King quilt cover set comes with two standard pillowcases.

No. Not really you are only limitted by your imagination. Mix and layer and experiment.

Simply explained the thread count as referred to often when purchasing sheets is how many threads woven vertically (warp), and horizontally (weft) into one square inch of fabric. While generally sheets with a higher thread count are considered more luxurious and softer to touch than those with a lower thread count this is not always the case. A single thread can be made up of four fibres called plies twisted together. A higher thread count has becom synonymous with luxury bed linen therefore when calculating thread count one manufacturer will count each fibre as a single thread while others will include each plie. Remember a high thread count doesnt guarantee luxury sheets as the quality of the fibre and finishing of the sheet set play an important role.

Egyptian cotton is known for it’s extra long fibres called staples. which produces a stronger more durable thread. Processes such as cardling and combing remove smaller fibres Followed by singing and mercerizing to create that super soft feel, reduce piling, strengthen and make the cotton more receptive to dye. Egyptian cotton was once grown primarily in Egypt but is now grown all over. Though many companies will claim they sell Egyptian cotton sheets, their sheets often only contain a fraction of Egyptian cotton. Having said this Egyptian cotton sheets have a high global reputation for producing a matchless cotton sheet that is superior to every other. 

Pima Cotton is always with superior softness, strength, and durability as a result of the more staple fibres used in the making of the fabric. It is often characterized by long length as well.

Cotton Sateen feels very luxuriously soft and smooth to touch as it is made from a fine combed cotton yarn that was then woven in such a way that it gives an elegant sheen finish. It is always a material with a high thread count.

Percale refers to the type of weave used and not the material it is made from. Generally elegant and smooth with the same soft feel on both sides. Generally, the higher the thread count results in a higher quality. Although cotton is favoured because of its breathability counts above 400TC may contain a percentage of wrinkle-resistant polyester or silk. 

Bamboo is a very soft and organic fabric made from natural fibre and considered sustainable. It’s often soft on the skin and doesn’t trigger any form of allergy. Highly absorbent and known for its ability to pull water away from the skin.


A sheet set includes one fitted sheet and one flat sheet. A Single or King Single sheet set comes with one standard pillowcase, while a Double, Queen or King Sheet set comes with two pillowcases.

It depends on the size of your bed and also can vary between brands – sheets.

For some years now, Australians have deeply fallen in love with mattresses that are additionally large and deep. These will not fit a standard sheet set and require a fitted sheet with a deeper side wall of no less than 38 – 50 cm or more to fit properly. Yes. There are extra deep fitted sheets. However, the depth of every fitted sheet is clearly specified to make it easy to find the exact fit for your mattresses at home.

What we refer to as an Edge, Sham or Tailored Pillowcase is a type of pillow case with a decorative hemmed border around all four sides.

GSM means Gram per Square Meter which is a measurement often used to determine the quality of a towel as towels with a higher GSM are usually more absorbent and durable when compare to towels of lower GSM. A high quality towel usually will have a GSM between 400 and 600.


Because excess cotton from the milling process of most of the towels often results in fluffing in some new towels, but this is often settled after the first wash. Therefore it is advisable to wash your towel before using for the first time.


Turkish cotton is premium cotton that comes with extra long fibres used in the production of beach towels. They are sometimes called Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta. They originated in Turkey and were a traditional item of a “Turkish” bath. These towels are made from high-quality cotton and weaved on traditional looms with a variety of colours and thickness. Their longer fibres and fewer joints make their cotton thread stronger and smoother. Because of their fine weave, they are thin and lightweight but highly absorbent wicking water away from the body. This also means they dry super fast. 

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