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Gem Candles

The Candle that gives you more than Light  

Sight, smell and touch with a flickering wick, gorgeous jewellery, soft aromas and sensual massage! Gem Candles are the ultimate form of giving. When you first light a gem candles you will enjoy the aroma of the scent that you chose, slowly filling the room giving you a feeling of  serenity. 
After a few minutes, as the specially formulated wax begins to melt and pool, you will see a small parcel appear in the molten wax, giving you a wonderful surprise.

In each candle you will find a beautiful piece of jewellery with a precious or semi precious gem that will bring a sparkle to your eyes. Jewellery items are valued between $10 and $5000 giving you something to enjoy way after the pleasures of your candle ends.

As the candle burns and the excitement from the aroma and your special gift leaves you thinking the fun is over, you will remember, the fun has just begun! 

Gem Candles ‘burn at 2°C higher than body temperature’. They can be poured directly onto the body for a sensual massage. Great as a body moisturizing lotion, or use unscented lightly smeared on dry lips. Gem Candles are a ‘gift for all occasions’. Birthdays. Mothers Day, Valentines Day. Wedding Favours. Christmas. Anniversaries. 

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