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Luxury Bed Linen for Ultimate Comfort

Luxury Bed Linen for Ultimate Comfort

Buying a new set of bed linen is probably the easiest way to update your bedroom. Luxury bed linen is a great choice to not only refurbish your bedroom but also pamper yourself to sleep in the most comfortable manner. Irrespective of whether you’re choosing crisp cotton percale bed linen or chambray sheets, you should do enough research before buying luxury bed linens.

There are several factors that ensure a good night rest, the most important perhaps being your choice of a bed linen and for your information, bed linens are not born equal; some are unequivocally superior to others.
Everyone is royalty, especially in the kingdom of our own bedrooms, and one great way to really feel like a million dollars is in the choice of bed linens. There are a few places in your home where you owe yourself that debt of going the extra mile, and your bed is certainly one of them. It’s imperative to have the right mattress and pillows, but the bedding is what pulls everything together. And bedding goes beyond just sheets and pillows. Beyond your beautiful sheets, pillows and duvets, there is also the need for mattress protectors and toppers, quilts and quilt protectors, as well as pillow protectors. These will keep your beloved bedding from stains and keep them looking fresh and clean always.
If you want to pamper yourself (and you should), spend good money on the most beautiful and comfortable bed linens that you can find.

For that luxury feel, here are some essentials:

  • Don’t bother about ironing and you’ll be spoilt for choice – If you’re not bothered about the creases and would instead give into the comfort of the bed linen then you have a world of choices. Relax, the world does not begin and end on ironing boards. Refusing to be constrained by ironable linens will open up a world of luxurious choices. You’ll get some splendid collections of luxury bed linens with good quality and weave. Cotton is probably one of the most favoured luxury bed linens as they are not only easy to maintain but made from breathable, natural fibers, soft to touch and durable. Improvements in the manufacturing process and finishing techniques has made polyester a viable and cheaper alternative to cotton. Polyester however is not as kind to sensitive skin as cotton is because it is not as breathable. Microfiber and jersey are also good options, although they don’t have the cool crispness of woven cotton. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, luxury cotton polyester blends are a great choice for bed linens. This fabric doesn’t shrink, is breathable and also offers moisture wicking properties. Go for the 1000 thread blend if you’re looking for ultimate luxury and comfort in your bed linen. 

  • Don’t be limited by thread count and instead go for fibre quality – Well, quality bed linens aren’t always defined by thread count because a denser weave doesn’t always imply that a high-quality fibre has been used. For instance, even a 275 count high-quality cotton sheet will have a softer feel when compared to a 400 count sheet from inferior quality cotton. Egyptian cotton is one of the finest cotton available in the market and the majority of  luxury bed linen brands use this for a softer and smoother weaving. 
The finishing processes actually determine the feel of the luxury bed linen and at the same time reduce fading and wrinkling.
  • Pillowcases –  Invest in good cotton pillowcases. They help pillows keep their shape, resulting in more than average support throughout the night. They also offer decent breathability and absorbency to help you regulate your sleeping temperature. What more, they are almost completely free of allergens, synthetics and chemicals, and are therefore the best option for allergy sufferers.
  • Duvet: Because your duvet’s job is to provide warmth and comfort on your bed, always make sure that it has a thread count of at least 300, because a higher thread count means softer material. And you do need a soft duvet. You can go for a duvet filled with down because down has the advantages of lightweightedness and superior breathability. Although this is down to your personal preferences as there are  other alternatives such as polyester and cotton or wool-filled duvets of exceptional quality available..  You will also do well to invest in a quilt protector. They protect your mattress from spills and stains, and you and your family from the allergens caused by dust mites. .A great bed linen option for the health conscious (with a special emphasis on persons dealing with allergies such as asthma, hay fever, and sinusitis) is the advanced mite-guard or eco-Guard allergy protective bedding system.
  • A perfect electric blanket: If you want to complete that feel of luxury, go for an electric blanket such as the advanced Sonar Premium electric blanket. This is one of the best bedding  choices you will ever make. Cotton bed linens are beautiful, but they do nothing to keep you warm, especially during those bitterly cold winter nights. While you sleep, this work of beauty regulates your body temperature so that you never get too cold or too hot.
Choose a bed linen as per your requirement and always do some research before buying a bed linen for your family. There are a plethora of options when it comes to luxury bed linen and you can even choose one that offers the right temperature regulation like the sonar cool sheets. Ultimately it all boils down to comfort so choose wisely while buying luxury bed linens. 

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