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Weighted Blanket for Restless Legs


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Weighted Blanket for Restless Legs


New Stock Expected Mid June 2020

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Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket applies just the right amount of weighted pressure to your body’s pressure points to help promote the production of primary sleep hormones serotonin and melatonin. As a result, these filled throw-size blankets can help reduce anxiety and increase relaxation. For a reason, they recreate those nurturing warm feelings we experience from a big hug. Originally created in the late 1990s by occupational therapists to treat children with Sensory Perception or Autism Spectrum disorders. You may find using a weighted blanket for restless legs complementary to your treatment regimen as they promote warmth and relaxation. Single size quilted blankets filled with glass beads, available in three weight variants. One side of this grey coloured blanket has a soft plush finish and the other side is a flat cotton weave fabric. It is recommended to select a blanket according to your body weight, although this can vary depending on your personal preferences.

Caring for your Weighted Blanket

The blanket is significantly weighted, it is filled with glass beads, and because of this, it is not machine washable. However, Bambury’s blanket can be covered with any single-sized quilt cover to help protect it from marks and spills.

Polyester filled with glass beads.
140 x 210cm. (Single quilt cover size)
4.5kg (25-55kg) / 6.8kg (55-85kg) / 9.0kg (>85kg)



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140cm x 210cm


4.5kg (25-55kg), 6.8kg (55-85kg), 9.0kg (>85kg)


Polyester and Cotton filled with glass beads.


Spot clean only. Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Warning: small lightweight beads present a severe danger if swallowed or inhaled. When selecting a blanket weight, please consider the individual user. Do not use with infants, or with children who weigh less than 25kg. The blanket is single sized and intended for one person. Ensure that the user can safely lift the blanket, and consider medical advice if the user has serious medical conditions. Keep away from open flame.


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