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Sophisticated Velvet Homewares

Never have sophisticated velvet homewares been more affordable than today. Originally made from silk fibres on special looms by artisans for nobility and the wealthiest families. Velvet is a densely woven, tufted fabric which has been sheared to create it’s signature velvety soft feel.

Everyone can indulge in stylish velvet home decor due to advancements in  manufacturing. Made from natural or synthetic fibres, as well as combinations of both. Velvet home decor accessories like  beautiful quilt covers, cushions or throws are made using fibres with properties which work well with the design. Properties such as durability and longevity  are important for the manufacture of a velvet lounge. A gorgeous throw with a reflective sheen will have fibres with those properties. A great example of this is Bambury’s Lustre Throw.

We love beautiful contemporary bed linen like Bambury’s Emerson made from cotton velvet with a stunning subtle sheen. Emerson quilt covers come in a slate blue coloured velvet with  cotton percale reverse. Great for adding rich depth of colour and soft texture with cozy ambience to your bedroom. Makes the perfect back drop for cushions and throws.  Try adding cotton velvet blankets to your bed for a look and feel of pure luxury,

Popular Feather filled Velvet cushions looks and feel great on the bed and can coordinate with many of  Bambury quilt covers. Relax with some of the most comfortable cozy cushions this winter like Large Velvet Feather Filled Cushions 50x50cm or long Fringed Velvet Sofa Cushions. For a versatile popular option Velvet European pillowcases are a luxurious affordable option which transforms pillow to cushion in an instant. The ultimate in elegant home decor accessory for the reason that they look great in the bedroom, on the sofa or anywhere you need a throw cushion.

Velvet adds a gorgeous cozy ambience to your bedrooms, sofas and living spaces. Looking forward to new season colours and designs. Watch this space, coming soon!

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