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Taking care of your beach or bath towels is not as easy as taking care of the clothes. You have to be extra careful with the towels to assure that they will not lose their texture and absorbency. People often make some common mistakes while washing their towels. Here we have some quick tips from experts that will help you wash your towels efficiently.

Wash your towels regularly

A common mistake that most of the individuals make is that they do not wash their towels on a regular basis only because they think they will ruin the texture. They do not understand that by not washing the towels they are providing bacteria and other microorganisms a chance to grow on their towels.

  • Most of the experts say that it is better to wash the towels thrice a month
  • There are several individuals that only wash their towels once a month
  • The best approach is that you should always wash the towels after every 3 uses. It will keep your items germ free and fresh all the time.

Do not launder your towels with other clothes

Most of the individuals make the mistake of washing their towels with other clothes special bed sheets and jeans. They do not understand that when small fabrics of clothes will merge with the large fabric of towels it will cause the formation of nubs. It will not only ruin your clothes but also the quality of your towels will be affected. The best solution to this problem is that you should always launder your towels separately. Make sure that the washing machine is completely before you put in the towels and if you can always wash them with clean water.

Use bio-detergents for better effect

There are two types of detergents available in the market. One is the common chemical-based detergent that we commonly use and the other is bio-detergent. The chemical based detergent or soap sticks to the fabric of the towels. Even if you rinse the towel several times you will still get a hard texture. Apart from that, it is not good for the individuals that have certain skin allergies. You should always use bio detergents. They are manufactured with special ingredients that will clean your towel without affecting the fabric and there are no allergic chemicals.

Use vinegar to remove buildup

Most of the time problem is not in out detergent it is actually our water that is hard. In this way, you will have to deal with chemical buildup in the fabric of towels. The best solution to this issue is you should use vinegar. Add one cup of vinegar in the water you are using for washing your towels. Even if there is hard water, vinegar will remove all the chemical buildup from the towels and you will feel soft against your skin. It will also retain the absorbency of your towel.

Remove odors with baking soda

If you are a towel in your gym bag or you take one to the beach you might have noticed a foul smell coming from the product. Even after washing it several times there are chances that it is hard to get rid of the smell. There is no need to throw away the towel. A reliable solution is to mix ½ cup of baking soda with your detergent and add it to the water when you have to wash your towels. It will remove all the musty smell and your product will be as good as new.

Avoid fabric softeners

Do not make the mistake of using the fabric softeners when you are washing your towels. These are considered a contraindication when have to clean your towel. The reason is that it will cause a chemical buildup in the fabric of the towel that will reduce its absorbency and you will experience a hard texture of your towel. Remember that towels are already soft, and they do not need a fabric softener to enhance their texture. In the same way, you have to be careful with selecting the temperature of water in which you are washing your towels. Select the temperature according to the fabric of your towel.

Change your towels regularly

Even if you are taking extra care of your towel by washing it on a regular basis and keeping it free from any kind of germ buildup there are chances that your towel will lose its texture after few months. Once you notice that your towel has lost its absorbency and texture it is better that you invest in another towel. After two years of regular wear and tear it is better that you replace it with a new fluffy towel. If your towel is too old, there are chances that you cannot even remove the germs in it.

Never invest in poor quality towels

It is important that you wisely select the towel that you are planning to buy. There are several manufacturers that use low-quality yarn in the towel. The product might be available at a lower cost but it will not have the absorbency you are looking for. As well as the towel will quickly lose its texture and softness after a few months. It is important that you buy the best quality towel bundles that can serve you for a few years so that you will not have to invest in a new one. Always buy the towels with darker shades.